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Please let us delete kuva litchens finally


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So story time. I'm a compulsive reloader. I map the button on my mouse and since I'm so use to hitting that button I have it set in game to the interact button like I do most games. Normally the two aren't very conflicting and I've never had a issue of doing something I didn't mean to as long and I'm far enough away to not interact when I'm looking to fufill my compulsive need to reload after shooting a bullet. So I've spent the last ohhh I'd say 4 hours trying to spawn a kuva shildeg. Killed a litch and after a kill I stepped back a pretty solid distance and tapped my reload button. Boom spawned a kuva. I was pretty far away and from what I remember the interact to spawn a kuva was a hold interaction not a button press. However after hours trying to get 1 specific kuva weapon and by accident I now have a cold 25% kuva nukor. Now I have to waste so much time to get the thing just to delete it as soon as I get it. Please for the love of our great lord cthulhu let me delete my litches. Now I understand that doing so leads to people abusing a ephemera farm but I mean is that really a bad thing. Yes I'm aware it also leads to people abusing it to get high stat roll weapons but let me do it once a week so if something like this happens I don't walk away from my pc cussing up a storm and regretting logging on later cuz I know what I must endure.

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