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Fps Problems


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So after a couple months i decide to play Warframe again seeing as they will be coming out with a another Warframe some time soon. But when I play either solo or online i get large frame drops whenever the enemies show up. I've never had this problem before my little hiatus. I was able to play warframe with all the settings on high and with the nvidia particle effects. So i'm wondering if they increased the textures and effects. Maybe it could be because my computer is getting old.


Here are my comp specs:


GPU: Geforce GTX 560to

CPU: Intel core i5 

RAM: 6gigs

OS: Windows 7

Drivers: (up to date)

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Your story is same of mine but your performance is higher than mine :D look try to turn on multi threaded from the launcher before you press play to start the game and turn off every thing at the performance options in the game may that help .

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Seems like i am still having Fps problems. I've tried all of your guys's suggestions and i'm still only getting lower than 30 fps. Even with everything turned off and put on low when enemies spawn instant 15-25 fps. I'm starting to think that i'm going to need to get another GPU since apparently my 560ti isn't good enough to play warframe. My frames where fine back when the factions had there own ships...


I'm going to wait till update 11 comes out and see if my fps problem is fixed.

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