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Enable Chat Channels in More Places


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  • Q&A and Region in Dojos
  • Q&A, Region and Trading in Conclave lobbies (between matches)
  • All chats in the Glassmaker and similar minigames. I did it without that, but I'm sure enough people would've liked to ask for a hint or two in some of those.


Hell, why not enable Q&A in every mission anyway? Could help e.g. with the boredom of Mobile Defence and be useful for others, to boot.

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On 2020-09-24 at 12:37 AM, DrivaMain said:

They likely don’t include them because it may cause connection issues between client and host. 

Hm, I don't think so.

AFAIK at least on PC it's just IRC and there's not really a difference between sitting in the orbiter and being in some other instance. At some point they added LFG to Conclave lobbies, and I'd say the lobbies are actually part of the Conclave maps. You get the loading screen only before entering the next lobby and starting that match.

So I'd wager there's no technical reason these chats aren't enabled.

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