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Fun Non-meta weapons?


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Try using Secondaries more. they can be fun but no where near as powerful as a primary. i use akbolto prime in most missions because i love them too much

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i realized i just suggested bows. also i love my akbolto p.
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11 minutes ago, (XB1)BRUHck Obama said:

Any suggestions?, meta weapons might kill things fast but using them too much will eventually cause it to be come boring.

Hema and Kulstar are fun :)

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hace 6 minutos, TheExile056 dijo:

i use akbolto prime

I almost have it, i just need 1 receiver and a link, i have their relics, they look very good.

hace 6 minutos, Omega-ZX dijo:


Good thing i have a riven.


hace 4 minutos, yaboilonely dijo:

Sybaris prime

Im just missing the barrel.


hace 4 minutos, OggerAZ dijo:


I just dislike how much resources it takes to make, guess i'll have to join another clan for that one.

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Mios can be fun. Heavy attack is pretty unique ish while being good with its high slash. Quassus warfran is also decent with its heavy attack is like a gunblade but slash based. Kuva Tonkor while used to be meta, you don't see it used alot and is really strong. 

Also Lesion is decent with Healing Return

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Just now, (XB1)BRUHck Obama said:

Well, you can always bring another weapon just to kill certain enemies

Yup, and you should, Paracyst damage is very lacking, it worth only as a support tool against high-level enemies.

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11 minutes ago, (XB1)Skippy575 said:

Takes a bit of work but I have a 4 forma Plinx that I enjoy using. Infinite ammo and great crit.

I put 6 forma into a Plinx. Laser blaster nerf gun go pew pew and that's all that matters. Also the infinite ammo is good.

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The few weapons that are able to simultaenously deal viral and corrosive damage are really quite strong against high-level armour, and fun to use! Talking mainly about the Phage and Synapse. Not everyone likes the "tentacle shotgun" mechanic to the Phage but I'm a big fan; even with no rare/fancy mods it packs a serious wallop.

There's also the Kuva Seer, which as I'm aware is one of the less popular Kuva weapons, presumably due to how underwhelming the vanilla weapon is. However the Kuva variant, as well as improved stats, has a moderate AoE blast on impact which deals corrosive, freeing up your mod slots to use whatever other damage (heat/viral meta, amirite) and still get armour strip. Can be easily modded for big status chance, decent crit, and it makes a very satisfying noise too. One of my current favourite secondaries.

Just my two cents :D

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1 minute ago, (XB1)BRUHck Obama said:

Actually the other day i got a riven for it, its this one:

+90% Ammo maximum

+90% Crit damage

+110% Status chance

Nice one! The weapon itself is still sitting at a delicious 5/5 disposition :)

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2 hours ago, (XB1)BRUHck Obama said:

I've only heard people talk smack about that thing.

It's not the best, but you said "Fun Non-meta weapons".  Stug is fun.  And bashing the Stug is a meme.



Phage can shred.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb (XB1)BRUHck Obama:

I've only heard people talk smack about that thing.

Rightfully so. It's hilariously bad and you asked for fun non-meta weapons, not good or viable ones. Stug is a correct answer (if you find it funny how bad it is). You might have asked the wrong question if you only wanted "good" non-meta weapons.

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In my experience these are the most fun weapons to use, regardless of 'meta' status:





Kohm/Kuva Kohm

Kuva Bramma

Ogris/Kuva Ogris

Synoid Simulor





Opticor/Opticor Vandal


Miter (with augment for popping bubbles)

Ignis/Ignis Wraith

Mutalist Cernos


Arca Plasmor





Akstilleto Prime

Kuva Nukor

Lex Prime




Synoid Gammacor

Twin Rogga

Twin Kohmak


Ballistica Prime

Kuva Twin Stubbas





Ack & Brunt

Fragor Prime (heavy build)

Dagger Zaw (energy regen heavy build)

Secura Lecta

Gram Prime

Ninkondi Prime



Redeemer/Redeemer Prime

Pangolin Prime


Jat Kittag


Kronen/Kronen Prime




Kind of a long list and I'm sure I missed some that I enjoy. There are a ton of fun/useful weapons to choose from.



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A few that might be fun:

  • Stug - squirts goo onto enemies.  Is it good?  Not really.  But it's an experience worth having!
  • Spear primaries - using secondary fire to toss your primary weapon is a very interesting way to play.  I recommend the Ferrox, which tethers enemies to it; lots of fun applications.
  • Simulor - this weapon is unique.  It's been updated several times and I have no idea what it does now, but it's well worth a try.  It shoots out little orb vortexes that can explode.
  • Torid - shoot darts into enemies so that poisonous toots AoE wherever they go.
  • Jat Kittag - nothing near you can do anything with this hammer's combination of guaranteed knockbacks and slam ragdolls.

There's certainly more, but those are just what come to mind right away.

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