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Nekros update suggestions.


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It is clear that all of Nekros' abilities except Desecrate are underwhelming. 

Most his skills are useless, take too long to use and ALL of them require an augment to try to be useful. Following this I've came up with a list of suggestion for changes to his entire kit and augments too.

Also, take into note that ALL VALUES SUGGESTED FOR HIS SKILLS ARE FROM OTHER WARFRAME SKILLS SKILLS IN THE GAME ( with the exception of his passive and other minor numbers ) and they will all be listed alongside the proposed changes. So let's begin!



This change is pretty straightforward, making his passive more useful and with scalability, since it depends on the damage that he deals. Also it energizes well with the proposed changes to his Desecrate(as said before, i made up this number, that in my conception was ok, but if it isn't for you there is no problem, this post is just a suggestion)

• A master of death, NekrosIcon272 Nekros has an innate 2.5% life-steal for all damage that he does. His passive also can heal Companions.



This skill is by far, the most useless skill in his current kit, no damage, no CC, nothing. 

Since it's concept of "turning souls into projectiles" didn't work i came up with another one, and reworked the entire ability. For that i had to change the skill name, and since all of Nekros' skills have edgy names i called it :



• Nekros imbues an enemy that is within 15/20/25/25m with dark power fracturing their soul and causing them to be unable to move for 10/15/20/25s. During this period, the enemy will store all incoming damage and if it dies while under this effect their soul will completely shatter and explode, dealing all the damage they received as Blast b Blast damage, multiplied by 1x/1.5x/2x/2.5x to an area of 11/13/16/18m

Nekros can have up to 1/2/3/3 enemies affected by Soul Maim at the same time.

• Cast range and explosion radius are affected by Ability Range.

• Damage multiplier is affected by Ability Strenght.

 Duration of the debuff is affected by Ability Duration.

Number of enemies that can be affected at the same time is not affected by any mods.

• Requires unobstructed line of sight between the explosion radius and other enemies in order to deal damage.


• Cast range and duration numbers were taken from Titania's "Lantern".

• Damage multiplier numbers were taken from Octavia's "Mallet".

• Explosion radius numbers were taken from Wisp's "Breach Surge".

• Maximum number of enemies that can be affected simultaneously made by me.

Ability scaling with mods is identical to the original skills of which their numbers were taken.



Ability can now also be used on downed allies, if done so, the ability will cost 50 extra energy and will revive the downed ally with 35/40/45/50% health and make them immune to damage and status effects for 5 seconds.

Can revive downed players and Companions, except Sentinels due to them dying instantly rather than bleedout.

 The percentage of health restored is affected by Ability Strength.

 The duration of the invulnerability is not affected by Ability Duration.

I will continue writing this, but since it takes a while to do i can't finish it now. My ideas of fixes for his skills are all complete, i just don't have the time to write it all down, so i only did it for his 1 and passive atm.


(Apologies for any grammar errors as english is not my main language and I'am self-taught)

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nice as a rework for his kit would be, now that we have Helminth it's more unlikely than ever that we'll get actual frame reworks; you can bet your bottom plat 99% of Nekros mains have already subsumed Soul Punch for something else, and people will just respond to rework requests with "WeLL I SuBsUmEd X oN HiM AnD It'S GrEaT!", then also add in that other frames need a rework more.. yeah, Nekros won't see Pablo's touch any time soon, if ever.

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So you want lifesteal for every dmg done and soul punch changed to ogris punch with the dmg mechanic of the pre-nerfed "mark of dead" subsumed ability? Ol yeah yeah totally "not" Completely broken and incredibly overpowered! But still nice idea of "how to turn nekros into a nuker frame", ol wait i thought this is a update suggestion!?

Honestly the main thing i want changed for him is a new design for the "shadows of the dead" ability because some times its incredibly hard to distinguish them from the enemy's, especially on Deimos. Also the "terrify" armor reduction ability could be changed to accuracy nerf for all affected enemy's because your better of with Amber's "fire blast" for the armor reduction.

44 minutes ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

you can bet your bottom plat 99% of Nekros mains have already subsumed Soul Punch for something else

Dam im in the 1% lol. Seriously thought soul punch + its augment is very useful for me when i need to revive team mates in hard missions. Like with Deimos vaults when its possible to have the entire team downed and reviving taking too much time.  

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