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Cetus Bounties fail due to bugs more times than not


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I've ran several bounties over the last few days and roughly 50% of the time they fail either due to enemies not spawning or other glitches that cause me to abort the mission. I have completed 1 out of 5 of my last 'destroy the supply drop' missions due to enemies not spawning or the items not dropping. It feels like non-mission units can block spawning in some cases, for example if a Thumper comes mid mission no other enemies will spawn. Eidolon lures seem to act the same way with Eidolon's either killing grineer for me (not counting to the mission) or just filling the spawns with eidolons. In some cases enemies will spawn in caves where the entrance is outside of the mission zone.

Combine this with Tusk heavy gunners being broken and 1-shotting defense objectives or drones (especially low level bounties where objectives have <1000 health) and It's been almost impossible for me to complete bounties.

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