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Warframe concept for new melee frame Muramasa the cursed swordsman


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the ideal concept of this frame is to be a dps/cc kind of playstyle like Saryn and Muramasa is made to be this map destroying frame and a exalted blade user like Excalibur but unlike Saryn id like to make this our first of his kind a void and slash damage kind of frame and had a insane idea but what if he could rank up with 5 forma to rank 40 like our Kuva lich weapons. Now I know that can be kind of broken in serval different ways but he'd be the first frame ever to be able to do so now I will try my best to paint a picture of what I have in mind (disclaimer this is something I'm trying to peace together here so any positive feedback would be much apricated).


    Passive: when you get a kill and/or a ally gets a melee kill it gets stored inside Muramasa within a certain radius like nidus's mutation stacks Muramasa can use these to help make his abilities more effective slowly increasing range and/or power strength but on how the swords are made and is always up for debate like everything's else is about this frame just trying to but my ideas out there.

First ability: name undecided: Muramasa creates in a radius of grounded katanas that based off of the number of sword stacks around him that when enemies come into range of are slowed and take slash damage and void damage and when the ability is then held the sword will seek out enemies either one or two things will happen they will take damaged based off power strength or damage based off his exalted blade but with in a reasonable degree but only in the line of sight due too this ability being too powerful and it wouldn't be fun to play as it would already need to be a nerf or rebalance to this ability already.

Second ability: deconstruct: this ability is short and sweet all it does is destroys enemies ranged weapons forcing them to use melee and makes enemies agroed to the player casting the ability this would use energy but unsure on how much for keeping this frame balanced this ability's would be in a radius but I cant depside on that or making it go off duration and a chance to destroy enemies ranged weapons due to yet again balancing reasons. I fond shooting gallery was good inspiration for this ability.

third ability: name undecided: what this ability would do is based on the number of sword stacks Maramasa will be able to increase the number of his sword stacks off of the amount of kills he can get for the remainder of this ability normally each enemy would give a small number of stacks max of three or four but this allows him to sacrifice half of his swords and take the normal  number and give is a small multiplier this is his only ability that would cost both stacks and energy to cast and would allow him to make a risk vs reward kind of build I'm willing to rework this ability completely though due to it kind of seems lack luster.

fourth ability: name undecided: now this would be where the stacks come into play for his exalted blade the blade's only damage types are puncture slash and void damage the blade's range and crit chance and status chance can be raised by consuming sword stacks and that is done by either casting abilities or using your first ability but in very small percentages due to how long missions are and how to balance this ability this would also be able to rank up to rank 40 with 5 forma now I'm willing to rework this whole stacking but it was just a thought and id love to hear your feed back to help shorten these up cause not going to lie I love Excalibur but he gets boring after a while and I'm not disrespecting him as a frame he's solid the best melee frame out there but i think we could make a counter part that could take his spot.


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