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Warframe Concept: Aniva the Celestial Being


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first time posting in here, go easy on me. I don't care if it gets stolen, I just want to see it in game.

Health 400

Shield 150

Armor 75 

Energy 150


Passive: sunlight gives 5/s health regen/ night gives 100 armor (ship tileset gives night buff)

[tap]25 Shoots concentrated beam of solar radiation deals RAD damage
[hold]25+Drain Deals stronger amount of RAD damage

[Targeted]45 focus cosmic light to blind enemies

  • range increases number of enemies around the target that are effected

[Targeted]70 Creates radius around target of weightlessness

  • enemies effected are suspended but can still shoot after a stun period

[tap]100 toss black hole that sucks enemies in
[tap while active]50 creates explosion dealing HEAT and RAD damage

  • Initial ability is still active
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