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Cetus doors transparent. (fix in 25.0 never worked.)


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Patch 25.0  

  • Fixed doors leading to the Plains of Eidolon from Cetus losing its textures when jumping on it. 


No you never fixed that.

I always jump at and onto the doors of cetus , to get up to the top to have a look out :)

From below, the top of the doors don't look transparent, but once you get up there, they are. Are they made of  Fresnels ??? :)



Also,  the crates in a stall 2 away from fisher Hai luk's stall  are  holograms not solid..  - You can walk through them.  The lamps on the crates are solid, you can stand on the lamps .

The way you can jump up through the tents  above the stalls cetus, well thats probably just a shortcut way to  make it far easier to jump around  cetus without annoying traps and without  pinball machine syndrome. (where player is the pinball ,cetus is the pinball machine  bumpers ,  guides, etc .)







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