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Fortuna the crashing open world


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Doing anything in fortuna while in a group just seems to crash almost everyone in the squad at some point

Profit taker crash (mostly loading in at elevator)

Exploiter orb crash(mostly after you do the inside phase and head outside)

Thermia fractures crash. (About 2 mins ina and people crash) along with not getting thermia every time it's full (probably related to me being in a mech at the time of gathering it)

Just going into the world crash. (Elevator crash)

Very rarely will it work fine in group's. Everything usually works fine solo but groups forget it.

Certain parts of the map missing textures to the point its just a giant hole in the ground.

How much longer is fortuna gonna stay this way if I was a new player this would turn me away so quickly

And no it wasn't always like this it used to work extremely well but as of recently the last few months or so just have been horrible buggy broken mess.

I just want fortuna to be better I personally love fortuna the most and its just heart breaking to see it in such a bad shape.

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6 hours ago, Kaotyke said:

And I want you to ask yourself "Why did I post in the 'Lets speak about whatever that is not Warframe' section of the Forums instead of Feedback?"

Because I've never posted on the forums nor have I bother looking at them up before until now I don't know where anything goes 

Edit: I shall put this in the appropriate place tho 

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