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Long Loading times


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I have an i3 3220 (2 core, 4 with hyper) 8GB RAM, GT 420

I'm getting 30+FPS depending on the mission, almost unplayable in open world but Loading times are insane. I was using Dx11 and it was taking like 5 minutes now I'm using Dx10 this time it takes up to 2 minutes but if I have played the mission recently it loads faster (fastest loading about 30 secs). Though everything was fine when I was playing like few years ago which we still had Dx9 and 32 bit options.

I will upgrade the system but I want to spot the problem first, I don't think its the ram even though its a slow one (800Mhz ddr3), not sure about the CPU but Requirements does include an i3 and ton of people getting great performances with theirs. I'm hoping Its my GPU since I'm going to upgrade it to a RX 460 (OEM).

Also I have a old but average 256GB HDD it has 50% empty space and I defragmented it + Optimized warframe through the launcher (settings are at the lowest possible btw). Even tried slight overclocking on the gpu (lol).

If its the hdd I can also get an SSD but my friend load as fast as my other friend who has a SSD.

I was also wondering If I could force warframe.exe to run either Dx9 or 32bit mode since commands in steam didn't work (or just applied it to the launcher) to have better experience meanwhile.



ps. here are some funny screenshots (dw thats not how I play :D)



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