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Crashing while extracting to Cedus/Fortuna


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Recently in the past week whenever I extract to Cedus/Fortuna around 50% of the time just before the results screen comes up my game hangs for 9 seconds until eventually closing. Completely removing all rewards and with it the time and effort I spent in that instance.

On the extraction of normal missions sometimes I see a gray checkered default textures on items for ~300ms as it eventually loads in the correct texture, could this be related? Persistent ambient audio continues as the game hangs.

Overall this has been incredibly infuriating experience. I'm already approaching burn out and having to effectively farm everything twice (or more) utterly destroys my enjoyment of this already grindy game.

Can a system please be added where if you crash/disconnect literally in the extraction phase give a bit of leeway when it comes to completing the rewards?

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