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Void Credits


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The previous version wasn't broken. It was actually very fit for how much leveling mods costs or/and crafting things. Now it's as rare as plastids. People would run alot of voids and get millions but immediately burn it all in one day because things in Warframe just cost too much and people rely on voids to get credits.


How to fix it? Just restore the previous void credits reward or reduce the credits price of everything or Warframe will become a worse grinding fest than before.

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community asked for credit sink?

we got transmutation.


Transmutation was giving rare and good rewards on rare occasion and was a credit sink?

Community said transmutation is a bad credit sink.


We got nerfed credit rewards.


DE listens.

You forgot the earliest one: ability mods. They weren't in the mod pool way back when Mod 2.0 came out. People complained and we have today's annoying mess. But back to the main topic according to past hot topics some ages ago DE stated they are aware of Grindframe but we still haven't seen a fix for it. I'll just assume Steve and Scott are beating each other up over what to do and Scott, who vowed to make us all suffer, must be winning because I don't see my credits going up. Edited by jrkong
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