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Dojo Decoration Selection Menu, Constrained Movement, Decoration Preview


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I find it frustrating that after entering a subcategory of dojo decoration selection, such as nature or atmospherics, and placing an object from there, that reopening the decoration selection does not return me to that tab of decoration selection. I would love to be returned to the respective tab if I clicked on the tab, placed an object from it, and opened the decoration selection again.

I also find it frustrating that entering constrained movement for an object is always default world translation and doesn't remember my preference for local translation. It would be great if the translation preference was remembered between decorations and selecting the same decoration. 

Also while decorating I would be interested in seeing a decoration preview toggle that would change the appearance of all the unfunded/unfinished building decorations in the room to their built look while decorating. I think this could be incredibly useful to see what you're building would look like while you're building it and before it is funded with resources. 

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