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Fire Blast subsumed version penalties


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Seeing as how Ember's version of Fire Blast is a static amount of armor reduction based on Ember's heat level, I had assumed that the helminth version would simply be a static armor reduction, not affected by mods. The baseline armor strip is 75%, which cannot be IMPROVED by mods, but it can be DECREASED if you're running something like Overextended.

I just find that to be really unfair, why would something only be affected negatively by mods, and not positively? If you're going to allow mods to weaken the amount, you should also allow mods to strengthen the value. I threw this on my Overextended Nekros, thinking it would be a nice synergy, but now that I see how weak it is, I realize I've wasted my resources.

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It's plenty fair, many abilities have their non-damage effects scale (up and down) with Strength, possibly up to a cap.

It just so happens that this ability reaches the upper cap at 100% Strength already.

Why can't you just be happy with getting a 75% Armor removal at base stats?

Like, not even Ember herself gets that much without first needing to invest into Immolation. It's kinda nuts, really.

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