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Warframe idea and issues with certain synergies lately


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Woke up with a warframe Idea as my first thoughts/dream so here it is. (Torture frame) based around torture and manipulation of enemies

1st ability) Iron Maiden: In very close proximity, grab an enemy, impaling him/her with spikes from the frame revealing enemies on the map with a radius based on ability range. Marked locations are permanent until killed but maybe has a max number of enemies.

2nd ability) Branding/brand: all marked enemies revealed on the map receive a universal mark. This will work with the set mods equipped on kubrows/kavats..etc, hence the universal part. May have some other feature that ties in to his kit thats not so reliable on just companions.

3rd ability) sacrifices a portion of health from all nearby enemies and teammates (for shiz and giggles. Not a significant amount for team. No scaling for teammates. Maybe like 1hp. And ability will have cooldown to limit abuse) the consumed health will increase melee attack range with a blood cloak for sword/weapon. Also increase stats for other weapons. Can have a freaky effect like if a teammate is killed having taken damage from the frame, they get revived at a cost of the frame's buff numbers. Will have a duration/cooldown.

4th ability) impale all universally marked enemies with a spear from above, tethering, stunning, and pulling them in toward the frame. Enemies too far off in other rooms will just be stunned to limit the ability. Impaled enemies that lose health from his 3 will add to a slow/fear aura that would be his passive (like a mobile terrify for keeping enemies running). The aura would grow off the number of impaled enemies hit by his 3)

And for my complaints on synergies, i simply have issues with base level synergies like zephyr and her airburst. Airbust sucks in enemies. The cc is very good making it very synergistic but it is just crowd control which many frames have and do better (basic synergy). A good synergy would be just an added benefit to an ability (usually other than the original use) that encourages combos of equipment, abilities, or teammates. Using airburst to increase the size of tornadoes isn't synergy. It's an extra, not very useful, step that just complicates her kit. Encourage more things like greedy pull. Maybe not something so gamebreaking but things that really encourage working together and synergizing with teammates and random CRAZY combinations. That's all I have for this post today. 


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