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Glitched Spy vault, Pavlov, Memory Game


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Disclaimer: I've done this vault successfully multiple times before. The mechanics are not a mystery to me.

Issue: The memory game in the Pavlov vaults was glitched on my playthrough a few minutes ago, notable in 2 ways. First of all the 3rd entry was always wrong. Once the code was just going around in a neat circle and the third entry was still taken as wrong, and the same pattern persisted throughout multiple tries, all stopping dead at entry 3.
The other glitch is that the indicator circle around the blue start button doesn't have it's pedestal lights purged correctly. For example when the first 2 entries are correct, and the third entry fails by default, the 2 activated lights stay lit on the indicator circle. They only turn off again during a new sequence started via the button after the according pedestal is indicated and it switches to the next. Neither of those are what should or does usually happen in the memory game on this vault.

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