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Aim gliding drops datamass when secondary is not equipped


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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: If I aim glide while holding a data mass and if I have no equipped primary weapon, I will drop the data mass.
  • VISUAL: none
  • REPRODUCTION: Do not equip secondary weapon. Pick up a data mass from mobile defense mission. Aim glide.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: warframe should still be holding the data mass 
  • OBSERVED RESULT: data mass is dropped

Originally I reported not to equip primary. It should be "do not equip secondary"

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Why is this still an issue?

It irritates the snot out of me when I level a primary doing mobile defense (e.g.) or play wukongs evil twin with only primary and melee equiped.

I'd like to rant a bit but bottom line I state that aim glide is broken, and while we are at it I don't like the auto block 'feature' either.



Admitted, I'm a grumpy old man.









I am a fan of cognitive learning (when it hurts make it go away).

So i tested mobile defense with Ivara (no evil twin) and wukong (evil twin).

Primary and melee equipped,no secondary.

I found a juicy work around:


- before picking up data mass equip primary and fire a shot

- pick up the data mass and start running to the objective

Now you can aim glide and even fire your primary ;) without losing the key.

DO NOT use melee or switch weapons until you reach the objective and use the datamass.


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