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All of the above. For more information:


Orokin Catalysts can be bought for 20 Platinum in the market or otherwise it's a very rare reward from alerts. Every two weeks, there is a 24 hour alert after DE's biweekly Friday livestream that is sometimes has an Orokin Catalyst as the reward as well.


Forma is bought for 20 Platinum in the market or found as a random reward from Void missions, most commonly from tier 3 Void missions which have level 80+ enemies. It is also a rare alert reward as well, so Voids are much more reliable for this.


Both have a small chance to be received as a daily log-in reward at the 7+ day mark.

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You can use Forma as many times as you want, to change, remove, or add polarities. The only downside is having to re-rank the weapon (or warframe) back to rank 30 each time to use a Forma, and you can only use Forma when the weapon/frame is at rank 30.

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