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The Index bugged after host migration

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I'm honestly not sure how to describe the whole picture because after host migration nothing really made sense.

As made obvious by the title, I was grinding some credits in the index, the ping was rather stable at around 70-90 (practically no lag) until all of the sudden the enemies froze in place and shortly after host migration took place.

Upon loading into the mission again I was surrounded by enemies and, after clearing them up, I began noticing that there were no more spawning and the timer kept ticking down. I capped the 15 or so credits I was carrying in the hope that it could've made the enemies spawn again but I had no success.

It is at this junction that I began recording the issue [VIDEO] in the hope that it could've described itself better than how I could've done it with my own words -realistically speaking.. there's nothing much happening in it until the minute 1:37 where I decided to attempt my luck by jumping off the map in the hope that, once again, it could've made the enemies spawn again.

As usual, the respawn timer began ticking down but upon reaching 0 seconds, instead of respawning me it kept ticking below 0.

Now, I must specify that I am not sure if it is my connection that caused the host migration in the first place, but i must also say that I didn't receive any "Network not responding" warning, nor my connection died at any juncture as, while I was experiencing it, I was in a Discord call and my friend didn't notice anything. In addition to that, before and after recording I checked my internet through my browser and it seemed to be working without any noticeable issue (i.e slow loading or lag).

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