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[POSSIBLE BUG?] The mod Growing Power is not affected by Coaction Drift's otherwise universal aura buff


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I did the same testing, alongside a clanmate, as this old post from a warframe user.

Why is [Growing Power] the only aura mod not affected by Coaction's Drift marginal 15% buff?

I understand it not working on Power Donation, because that would possibility lead to negative ability strength, and even then at least the boosting of party member's ability strength sounds like something marginally beneficial and easy to code into. But that seems to be the only exception from an otherwise huge assortment of other synergies that the mod provides.

My friend is a new player and was excited in "finding" this synergy and farming the mods to make it work, only to discover that it doesn't for no reason made clear by the game. And Iwas surprised, it almost seems like a bug, like, why would we not be able to get ~30% extra ability STR instead of 25 by putting a mod into it?

Thanks in advance.

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