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Profit-Taker leg regen: legs often fully restore their health after they have been taken out.

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During the second armor phase, the Profit-Taker's legs can regenerate if you are host, which happens quite often if you have fast kill times on the legs. This negatively affected:

  1. My current Mirage pb, 1m45s, which would have been the world's first 1m41s run, but I lost 4 seconds to leg regen.
  2. My 1m50s Saryn run, which would have been my personal best at 1m42-43s, but I lost 7.8~8.5 seconds to leg regen.
  3. A run with 2 legs blatantly regenerating. If you turn volume you can clearly hear the kill sound of 6 legs, rather than 4.
  4. Here's a short compilation of the legs regenerating
  5. Here's Aziimuth's more recent compilation of leg regen bugs.

Note that you don't just lose time to firing more rounds into the regenerated legs, you also lose time to the arch-gun being on cooldown from firing that extra ammo, where normally that wouldn't be an issue because of how I made my build.

So as a host, this can only occur (but occurs frequently) during the second armor phase, which happens after the first pylon phase. 
For clients, this is worse. For them, leg regens can happen on any armor phase.

To the best of my knowledge, this bug has existed since the introduction of Profit-Taker. It is one of the most impactful bugs to the fight that is currently in the game.


This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here:

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