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Shield ospreys provide shields to the Profit-Taker since update 27.2.0 (warframe revised), even DURING the armor phase.

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Shield Ospreys used to not affect the Profit-Taker at all, which is assumed to be intended behaviour.
This changed with the Warframe Revised update: shield mechanics were revised and among other things, shield ospreys have been giving the Profit-Taker shields ever since.

This cannot possibly be intended behaviour as:

  1. If it occurs during the armor phase, you have to unequip your Arch-Gun, then take out the element, to then re-equip the Arch-Gun. Aziimuth, has a perfect example of this in his PT bug compilation.
  2. It wasn't in the patch notes.
  3. It adds an extra layer of unfun RNG that is outside of your control to the fight.

The bug is 100% reproducible, can happen during any stage and occurs quite frequently in normal gameplay.

I have a video, with another (albeit less clear) example of the issue on Reddit here.


This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here:

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