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Exodia Contagion DoT only applies to an enemy when its head is in the blast radius.

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Exodia Contagion has multiple damage instances; projectile direct-hit, explosion and direct-hit DoT.
The damage instance is meant to work like this, according to the wiki:

  1. Projectile direct-hit does 2x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 33% Impact, 33% Puncture, and 33% Slash damage.
  2. The explosion does 5x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 100% Viral damage.
  3. The direct-hit DoT does 1x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 100% Blast damage.

In practice, the modded damage is also transfered on each of these damage instances, which I assume is intended behaviour.

The Profit-Taker speedrunners uncovered that the DoT effect only applies to an enemy if the explosion radius of the initial direct-hit collides with the head of that enemy.
This allowed the the 'ass meta' as the Profit-Taker to be a thing as the Profit-Taker has its head coded to be near its ass. Throwing the contagion projectile from the front to a pot close enough to its head (ass) is extremely difficult and even the best players don't manage to pull this off consistently. 

Example videos of how this causes frustrations:

  1. How to lose sub 100 PT in 9 seconds
  2. Potential 1m42 but I spend 10 seconds on viral

We reason that the above behaviour is explained by it being easier and cheaper to code head collision than full-body collisions. This would also be accurate enough for smaller mobs, but it doesn't seem to work for Profit-Taker.
We recommend either updating the collision with the boss to check for body collisions, or to move the head to the front of the Profit-Taker so dealing viral damage (on the DoT) with Exodia Contagion can be done consistently.

Additionally, it looks like blast damage is no longer applied on the direct-hit for clients since the stealth nerf to Exodia Contagion in update 28.3.


This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here:

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