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Arch-gun deployment is unaffected by holster speed.

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Arch-Gun deployment is a weapon swap, meaning it should be affected by holster speed mods, but in practice they don't affect Arch-Gun deployment.

In case there are any balance concerns relating to quick access to Arch-Gun deployment: Necramechs were recently introduced and allow you to access your Arch-Guns near instantly, so that shouldn't be a valid concern anymore.


This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here:

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the term "deployment" are used when it comes to heavy stuff, heavy guns vehicles ect. and it shouldn't be  affected by swaping mods for sure

plus its looks awesome cool when you receive a biggun from an orbit *-* and warframe gets it heavy weight, it just cant be faster.

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I agree that it looks cool, but it stops being novel after the first few times. 4 Seconds of being unable to do literally anything in the game makes it extremely unpractical. The animation is also forced to be on the ground (which admittedly, makes sense), meaning enemies are more likely to hit you. You also lose potential DR bonuses from Aviator and Aerodynamic.

In the context of Profit-Taker, the animation takes so long that it takes away player agency: you cannot react to your surroundings and just hope you survive.
I've died plenty of times while casting the Arch-Gun, DESPITE using Rolling Guard to ensure I'm invincible for three out of the four seconds.
To guarantee that you survive swapping to a weapon that is necessary to kill PT, not only do you have to mod for it, you also have to throw shield pads around to abuse shield gating. That cannot possibly be intended.

Have a look at this post. It has a 98% upvote to downvote ratio. It is not just me.

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