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NW/alerts rework.


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This system makes the game environment more lazy and static. I would like to see the return of the alerts but with reformulations of both rewards and duration. I have already reached the maximum level of the nw and there is nothing more to be done. And another thing that I found quite negative in the nw was having to buy the wolf with credits. Does it mean that every boss who shows up will have to do the chores to earn credits and buy bosses? This is terrible for those who are arriving in the game or who have been away from playing for so long ....

The alerts could be reformulated with some interesting journeys or part of them adapted. It would be great to be able to log into the warframe and see alerts with varied prizes and journeys to be made again..not in all of them but part of them. I would like to see alerts from railjack, cetus, fortune, kuva survival alert, sanctuary alert. And alerts that contain the famous "potatoes or rivens" should always be alternated on weekends or not. The nw system proved to be tedious, lazy and did not add anything new to the game. The game really needs to be more unpredictable which is exactly what got me in the game. I don't like to see things static because it turns out that we are accommodated with this static system. Everything that is static tends to cause fatigue in players. I know there are people who like the nw system but that is why i am writing here and probably wasting my time for nothing. I wanted to see the game again in the dynamic way it was before the nw system. The game needs balance and removing the alerts was unprecedented and unreasonable on the part of DE. Both can co-exist or something hybrid can be done between the two. I thought it was too radical to withdraw the alert system. I hope that will change in the future.

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