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[NA][EU][PC][Clan] Scarlet Rebels Is looking for chill members / Staff / Dojo Decorators


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Scarlet Rebels is a new veterans made clan, all important researches done!


Clan Emblem

Note the clan is a ghost clan rank 10 for the time being, all important researches done plus all rooms including Dry dock & uniquely deocrated rooms!


  • Add more dojo decorations & rooms
  • Complete dojo pigments researches
  • Upgrade the clan members capacity



What are we looking for:

  • Chill new members (Mastery rank doesn't matter)
  • Staff & Dojo decorators
  • Overall people anyone willing to help the clan grow



How to join:

  • Join our discord and contact either Vurmithrex or Soap!
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/prky36F


In game contact either Vurmithrex or Soap both from different regions so if one is offline the other should be online!



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