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Graphical bug in Kuva Siphons [Giant black box]

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Video: https://streamable.com/baskme

GPU: GTX 960M (newest nvidia drivers installed)

CPU: i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz

Happens regardless of my graphical options and on every map tileset where the siphon is present. Tested both on deffered rendering and without it.

For me it only happens after i destroy atleast 1 braid, i havent noticed these black boxes with a non damaged siphon.

I havent been doing Kuva Siphons for a while (i think last time i did them back when Steel Path launched and they were fine) so im not really sure if that is purely a newest hotfix/update problem.



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I also experience this, I have not tested switching from DX12 to see if it happens in DX11, but I can confirm it only occurs the immediate moments after a Kuva Siphon Braid has been destroyed, including when the final unit is detonating after the final braid.

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