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Exploiter fight bugs [stuck inside deck 12 after phase 1]


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First off, I have no idea why my account won't let me post this in the PS4 bugs forum, if a mod wants to move the thread that'd be great.


I have been trying to solo the exploiter orb for fun and Hildryn parts.

First, if I accept the bounty in fortuna, I cannot create diluted thermia. When I try to put the cannister in the fissure, I'm told to "Finish Current Objective" - the objective on screen is "create diluted thermia".

If I just wander into the Vallis with no active bounty I am able to complete the thermia fissures, go to deck 12, start the fight, do all the stuff with vents and throwing things, but when I tried to walk out in my shiny mech, there's a brief interlude where the orb and a bunch of coolant rackmnoids are inside the passageway out, but I get past.
I reach the door, which doesn't doesn't open, even after waiting a few minutes in case it's still loading the Vallis. No luck, I figure fair enough, maybe the mech can't go. I transfer back to my 'frame and find myself trapped inside it, still in Operator mode. I couldn't dash out of the frame, /unstuck did nothing. I was able to resummon the mech, but could not Transference back to it.


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