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Pavlov: Infinate, unstoppable slide after exiting a void rift in Limbo


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I was using Limbo Prime and the most recent update was Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 6 (I think).

The bug is that upon exiting a void rift, my warframe would continue to slide in the direction that it exited the void rift. It didn't matter what direction the warframe was facing, the slide was fixed relative to the map. (If the map had a north point I'd try and describe it as a fixed bearing from north). I had most of the control over the warframe, I could change my facing; attack; dodge and kind of move; but nothing I could do from the warframe cancelled the slide. The level geometry didn't interrupt the slide at all. The slide would quickly take me off the map.

Eventually I figured out that shifting to operator mode while still in a room on the map cancelled the effect.

This happened three times over two days (the 24 and 25th of September in my timezone of GMT +11) It wasn't common, I'm estimating that I ran the mission 20 to 25 times during that period, and the bug didn't occur at the same void rift on the three occasions.
I tried to replicate the same bug with Limbo Prime on other maps and on the Plains of Eidolon, but couldn't.
I don't have a regular Limbo to try it out with. (I sold my first one when I needed warframe slots after ranking the prime, and the limbo I built most recently was gobbled up by the helminth.)
I didn't try running the Pavlov spy mission with any other warframes so I don't know if this is specific to Limbo Prime, or both Limbos, or all warframes.

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