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Something else to do with riven slivers


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It is a fact that with the addition of the Steel path riven slivers became a much easier resource to get, however, there is not much that you can do with it, actually, the only thing you can do with it is to trade a miserable amount of 10 riven slivers a week with palladino on iron wake, to get a random veiled riven, meaning that for me to be able to get rid of all my riven slivers it would take me about 9 years of trading every week.
So, here are some ideas on how it could be used for:
1. They could be consumed by the helminth in order to produce bile, as riven slivers should be considered a "miscellaneous substance".
2. They could be somehow transformed into kuva, like vitus essence and steel essence.
3. They could be dissolve into endo, creating a different way of farming endo.
I think that if added those trades should still be made with palladino, also, I highly dislike the idea of lowering the weekly riven time to reset, as it would make the riven market crash even more.

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I agree with this post and want it to be noticed. I also could list a bunch of things that should also be fixed/changed in this game but that would just take forever. One step at a time I suppose.
In other words, bump. If comments even do anything for post visibility here.

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