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Project Alicization wants new players


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Hi! We’re creating a clan that wants to help new players understand and master warframe, a bit like a school, but with a bit more freedom. We generally want people under MR 3 , but if you want to join, no problem. We’ve planned out a system for the clan, and we act like a sort of syndicate. New players will start at rank Utility, and will rank up each time they pass a MR test and gain trust among us. 


Unfortunately we’re still in the developing stages and our dojo looks trash. We can’t ply 24/7, and most of our research is not done. At the time of writing, we also only have 3 people in our clan. So, we ask you humbly, if you can assist us in building our dream. We have set up a founders program. If you’re over MR 5 and want to join, you will get warlord status immediately. Those under the requirement will be given rank General. This is so that we can try to build the base of our clan, which can allow us to start assisting new players. If you join after the program, you can still get general, after some time, but only those who agree to devote their time to assist new players will get Warlord status. Note: THE FOUNDERS PROGRAM WILL END BY THE END OF THIS YEAR. 


If you are willing to devote some time to help the clan, or/and assist new players, tell me your warframe name and MR to pHenix_10K (my name) There is a high chance I will not be online when you request, so it may take a maximum 8 hrs until request is accepted. We are sorry for the delay. We are also planning to create a discord hangout for those who join, so when your request is accepted, please contact your discord ID to me, or one of my friends (I will tell you who they are later). 


Good day, and thank you for reading this guide.


PS, If my profile says I’m an initiate, I’m not I’m Gold disciple

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