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Mission Results Bugs


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First and foremost, thank you for working hard during the pandemics. I know you all are trying your best, the new mission design also reflect that. However, DE,   there are a few bugs to polish your artwork:

- Mission with multiple bosses (e.g. Hyena Pack) the one who kills the last hyena gets credit for killing all 4 (it happened during a sortie).

- Rescue mission. The one who reaches extraction point first gets credit for rescuing the agent and not the one who opened the cell

- Hidden Caches: Many rewards are not shown as identified. This makes us wonder when we find all caches if we received all 3 rewards (very common occurrence)

- Railjack : we can't see how many affinity we gain each mission and under it there is some sort of counter (200 /1000) as  if there is some sort of limit, however no explanation of what it means is offered

- Necramech exalted appears as if is awarded affinity even thou no Necramech was used durind the mission. Later, we can see no affinity was rewarded, but it is confusing.


well, those are the ones I remember now.


Thank you for your hard work.

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