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Big framerate drops in missions or open-world.


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it's not constant, but sometimes i get really big framerate drops during gameplay in missions on open worlds, for no reason, it's gonna make it so i won't be able to control my character because it's freezing and dropping framerate dramatically.

It's been like this since the last patch i believe.

And no my PC doesn't suck, it's perfectly able to run the game maxed out everything at 60fps+ all the time.

i bet the broke something, again, performance-wise.

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Had this a few times aswell. At least one of those times I was a client not the host.

Game runs mostly on ~60fps for me and then suddenly it goes down to ~30fps for about a minute for no obvious reason, always when in a squad though but not when someone is joining/spawning, everyone was spawned and was either far away or not doing anything that would narrow down the cause... it seems completely random so far :/


Anything we can do to determine the cause once this happens again?

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