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more augments, please


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DE, please consider adding another batch of augment mods to the game soon.  Specifically, our newer frames could use some augments.  Wisp and Guass are not so new that an augment would seem inappropriate at this point.  I can't imagine Xaku or Protea will get one any time soon, based on precedent. 


Revenant, Grendel, and Garuda could also use more augments, ideally ones that are interesting and/or powerful, just so long as they're not outright bad.  Baruuk is probably fine on augments for a while, as Reactive Storm is just that good.


And then there are some older frames that could also use augments.  Maybe a Trinity Blessing augment that focuses on QOL, limiting the amount of recasts necessary or something?  Refreshig duration based on X condition?  Maybe some more of those passive augments?  Those could be good to avoid any unforeseen Helminth issues.  Something to consider.


More weapon augments are also welcome, especially for the weird and underperforming weapons that are crowding our inventories.  I like the idea of them being placed with Father in the Necralisk, as it gives players something else to spend their standing on.

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