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Equipping Despair displacing holster position on all Kunai weapons


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I just built Despair, and it’s certainly a fitting name. The bug started when I equipped Despair on the Ivara Skathi skin. It now occurs on every kunai type weapon. After I shell out actual money for the platinum for that skin, an old weapon that drops for me after 100 days of game play, shouldn’t bug every other weapon of its type. It wouldn’t be quite as upsetting if it was just Despair that had the bug. The bug has been around long enough it seems, and should have been fixed properly by now. It’s with all due respect that I can’t dole out another dime for aesthetics until oversights like this are fixed. This is the second bug of the sort I’ve had to report for an item that was a purchase.




















Sadly this is the only image I could find pre bug, before heart of demos. Hikou never protruded before.




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