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Nidus/Helminth interaction still bugged


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Only now after some months of playing I farmed Nidus and finally entered the helminth infirmary. I have read that doing it as Nidus trigger some unique dialogues with the creature inside, and being a history driven gamer, I waited to get the frame to enter in the room. But well, for me surprise, a bug that was described in the wikia page for years now happened. I got the animation to remove the cyst from my neck and now I can't interact with it anymore. It will affect my ability to alter my Nidus abilities later or I'm safe to interact with the chair again when I have abilities to alter him after dissolving other frames?


Also, about the lore and history, the developer's have any plan to make the lore and history of the game coherent? Like explaining why we have 2 versions of Vor and Alad V, making history missions linked to long gone events in single player versions to help newcomers to see what happened with the world to reach the point it is now, or is the game now in the stage of milking new playerbase with skins and forcing subpar content to force players to leave and renew the wallets? I have seem it happens with so many games now that I'm a little curious, the game is still fun to me and have a great atmosphere.

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