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AMD 3000g minor render bug


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Not quite sure what's wrong here, but it seems to be mainly Nef in his transmissions where it's all black where there's supposed to be lighting.  Vox seems to be okay, syndicates too from the Orbiter and Konzu/Onkko.  I am using the integrated graphics of Vega3 off of the 3000g with the latest DX drivers for 12, so dunno if this is related to drivers or just the Vega3 being at fault.

Nef: https://imgur.com/a/TbSl4yD

Vox: https://imgur.com/a/CnXXqkB

And settings that are on/off in the event it's something here:

Runtime Tessellation: Off

Local Reflections: Off

Volumetric Lighting: On

Glare: On

Flim Grain: Off

Ambient Occlusion: Off

High Shader Quality: Off

Geometry Detail to Motion Blur: Low/Off

Depth of Field/Motion Blur: Off

Distortions and Bloom: On

Color Correction and Dynamic Lighting: Off

Character Shadows to Flip-Model: On

Thanks for reading and I don't expect to see this fixed anyway, but thought I'd report it regardless.

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