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Warframe Conclave - "Among Us" Adaptation

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If you look at the past few major updates: Railjack, Kuva Lich, Steel Path why they fail(not counting bugs and tedious grind), They all have the same pattern - they pull people away from normal gameplay and try to go with a separate mode. For example, disruption wasn't that popular at first when it came out. But overtime people embrace it because it can be integrated into normal gameplay.

If you are suggesting new mode for conclave, how would it integrate into normal gameplay? Also how do you solve one of the biggest problem for conclave, the balancing?

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1 hour ago, Aldain said:

I enjoy Among Us, but we don't need literally every game to follow the newest streamer bait trend.

"Hey, I just played this really interesting game.  And I like this other game.  I think I'd like this other game even more if it was exactly like the new game."  This happens every time something gets popular.  OnO  "Warframe needs a MOBA mode."  "Warframe needs Battle Royale."  "Warframe needs to be more like (insert whatever is popular on Twitch at this precise nanosecond.)"  >n<

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1 hour ago, (PS4)Daystroyerkun said:

Everything starts somewhere afterall. I just want to revive big parties in Warframe lol. Since raids are no longer a thing and conclave is dead, I thought this might bring people together in a fun way that everyone kind of gets. It's nothing crazy to create either.

I "get" Among Us.  I just don't want it.  Not that my opinion matters in the slightest, obviously.  I just think that DE should spend time, you know, fixing all the *existing* half finished and apparently abandoned game modes before jamming in one that's probably going to drop off the Twitch charts again before they even finish designing it.  (Lunaro waves sadly from it's corner filled with spiderwebs and saddness.)  Especially a PVP mode, mostly because PVP has always been SO popular in this game.  (Warning:  Possible sarcasm detected.)

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