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Is there going to be a second Warframe soundtrack?


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Right, so. With all the new updates came a plethora of new enemies, tilesets, quests and, of course, music to accompany all of this.

The first iteration of the Warframe soundtrack, initially released as a digital download together with a very beautiful vinyl (which I still own), went all the way up to Update 19.0 in which the Kuva Fortress and The War Within were introduced.

On December 26, 2016, "The War Within" soundtrack, containing two tracks, was digitally released as well.

And finally, on August 31, 2018, following Update 24.0 and the release of Fortuna, "We All Lift Together" was released as a digital download. 

I wonder: There has happened a lot since then. The Ostron and Solaris have their own music, as do the Plains and the Vallis. The Juno Corpus units do, too. And I'm sure there's so much I have yet to see that has its own music. So: Is there a chance of getting another soundtrack for these things? U30 maybe? 

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