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Transference game breaking bug when using Necramech


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I was using my Necramech to do the Hydrolyst hunt on Plains of Eidolon. After a short while, when trying to switch back to my warframe, I was met with "Invalid Target." When my mech was destroyed, I was stuck in Operator Form and unable to use Gear or even bring up my options to use chat so I could let my squad know I was bugged out. My Squad then tried to extract with what we had and upon extraction, my game crashed. This needs to be fixed. It's game breaking and it makes me want to stop playing. I cannot enjoy a good hunt with the items and gear that I earned through hard work, when bugs like this are breaking the game and making it unplayable. Please fix this. My psn is KainBloodraven if you need to reach out to me for further details.

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