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New melee weapon suggestions

(XBOX)Onyx Schnee

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For a while, I've noticed some weapons ideas here and there. a couple that have been teased in a way or form(ghoul saw and dual nikanas....WHEN DE?)

but there a few others that my brother and I think would spice up our melee roster(i'd suggest more guns, but there's only so far you can go with that...i mean, we need a primed explosive bolt thrower...or a railgun. point is, the tenno need an explosive weapon instead of mooching off the corpus or grineer.

now i'v already listed the dual nikana and ghoul saw(which i think DE is aware of this one, and i have a much older post from months back where i outline my idea for the ghouls saw, which i'v dubbed the "Skarr")

so here are the other ideas:





First, lets knock something out of the way, the ohma are the only ACTUAL tonfa we have as the other two and their variations are arm blades.

what i'm suggesting is a single handed, blunt weapon like this:


This weapon(we'll call it the "Orca") would specialize in fast, precise and repeated hits on various targets. it's unique trait would be that it's damage would start low, and build up as you increased your combo counter(it would also have an innately longer timer than default.) but would cap at 5X the weapons original damage numbers(lets use 200 as its base damage for the sake of having an example.) mods would effect this damage build up(meaning, if you increased its damage, the 5X would apply to the modded damage.)







as things are right now, the atterax is our only "flail" but is classified as a whip.

this weapon would lack the range of whips, but have much heavier, slower hits. with a specialty of sheer damage number and high critical chance, i personally think it'd be a fun addition.

I can't think of some special gimmick, but not every weapon needs one.





Battle axe:

the Scindo and it's prime are NOT heavy swords DE. they are battle axes. this one bugs my OCD more than the desire of simply adding a new weapon. make its stance heavy swings and pummel smashes if that's whats needed to separate it from the galatine and such(yes, i know the stance is for HEAVY BLADES, but it still bugs me.)

Gimmick idea: the stance would have plenty of slams and their radius would increase with each combo threshold.




Twin tomahawks:

the Duel zorens bother me just as much as the Scindo series does in this regards. but this is a light suggestion because it's not nearly as blatent.




Twin nunchaku:

Whats better than one ninkondi? why it's TWO ninkondi. if Maxi from soul calibur can make this work and look cool, then i don't see why we can't have these. a good stance concept would be leaping, rapid strikes. one combo could even have a slide forward while spinning the nunchaku like helicopter blades.

the unique gimmick i have for these is they would increase their speed with the combo counter(notice the pattern yet?)




Whip sword:

So...anyone ever see Ivy from soul calibur? how about Jakotsu from inuyasha?

yeah. imagine having their weapons. the stances could have wide, snapping strikes(to make this weapon type different from the other whip like weapons we have.)

each successive combo threshold would increase the weapons range up to a cap.




Split stance weapons:

think a massive battle axe that splits into two, single sided hatchets. or a darth maul style, double sided sword(dark split sword?!?!?!) that splits into twin swords.

at the end of these weapon's block combos, they would do a heavy slash with the split form. this would allow you to use a whole new set of combos for that state without having to switch between configs

in combined form, the weapons would hit slower, but deal far more damage than the split form(about 5X as much, for example.) while the split form would be far faster but sacrifice range and damage.

crit and status stats would not change between forms, but in some cases the damage types would(DARK SPLIT SWORD?!)




Bonus: Dual Nikana:

A variant to the nikana where the user wields two of them. the stance would have the weapons remain sheathed instead of having them drawn at all times. when pressing melee, your warframe would "blink" forward, drawing the first blade then start alternating blades, depending on the combos used. ending a combo would have your warframe sheath both blades.

Special gimmick: quick draw heavy. the warframe would take a quick draw stance(you know the one.) then after a wind up, quickly slash forward(they'd move forward quite a distance) then sheath the primary blade. any status ailments applied to all enemies struck by the blades during normal combos(indicated by a mark over their heads) would be dealt as finisher damage upon sheathing the blade. any status procs that would increase your damage and reduce their armor would still apply. the cost of this would be obviously losing your combo count as well as any procs on the target. for this purpose, all status procs applied by this weapon(or weapon type) would last 50% longer, and its heavy attack speed is faster than normal.



If any of these ideas were ever implemented, all stats would be up to DE, but for the sake of these weapons being unique...I would love to see the ones with unique traits to retain those in full(i'm especially proud of the Dual Nikana's ability.)

I'm also a bit salty still over the dark split sword, but that frustration birthed the split stance concept in general.

beyond that, i think some of these would actually be very interesting alternatives to what we have already.

And....to cut this in the bud: "but Orcus, we have so much melee already and melee is sooooo strong! we don't need any more"

creating unique gun types is harder than using melee weapons that actually exist. besides...we have so many guns but we have yet to get an actual rail gun. I actually think that railguns are the only weapon type we don't even have(exergis and opticor don't count.)

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So you want a Nightstick/ Baton
The Flail is kinda just a Whip with short range and really isnt innovative as the stances kinda already do that. 
The battle axes are meh, Tomahawks are thrown weapons so I'ma just say Dual Axes/Hatchets.
The whip swords kinda do already exist. Im assuming your example is like Zabimaru from Bleach.
The dual stance swords are similar to the blue spirit from Avatar The Last Air Bender.
The dual nikana seem okay, but the effects already exist my skiajati have both the combos you mentioned. 
 W ^  Right mouse click E = the teleport forward effect into a finisher. 
And the Zoro Shi shi sun sun where u take a stance and dash forward and slice.. is the middle mouse button when you have the Nikana equipped. 
Seems like a lot of work for the animators creating these new movements when they kinda already exist 

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