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Game crashed after a "Host Migration" caused by me trying to save a new hotkey configuration during a 100min survival run on Ophelia Uranus - Going back into the game did not reconnect me to squad, and the 3 of them had no connection problems between them


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Long title, but it sums it up. Just 30 minutes or so ago, so around 2am ET time, 28/09/2020, Was on Ophelia STEEL PATH, farming Steel Essences with a squad of 4, had no connection problems on my side. Was annoyed with a recent change I made on my hotkeys and decided to tone it back to normal, saving my new configuration lead to my game to stop working for a few seconds, when out of the Menu I was met with the attached "HOST MIGRATION" screen.

https://imgur.com/a/mV64Q33 Two images, one of the thing I mentioned happening, with the mission time on it, and the full name (first three) of my squadmmates, still online at that point doing the mission I was disconnected to by messing with my configurations.

Not included in the screenshot but before I took it I could clearly still see my teammates talking how I probably disconnected and would be back soon (couldn't press T to join back on their talk either, as HOST MIGRATION proggressed for some reason or another. After waiting some two minutes with no change or success (could still see my teammates talking, so no host connection was lost), I alt-tabed the game, it stopped working and I decided to close it, thought "what the hell, I've been reconnected to squads before, I've seen people get reconnected hours deep into missions too, I'm missing important drops waiting so I'll force it closed with Task Manager and open it again. Nope. Didn't get the option to reconnect to squad. I managed to get the 3 names of my squadmates too, so you can check their logs for completed missions, since I appear to have been ghosted out of my investment by the game. I don't even think this is MUCH of a bug, maybe just a performance crash (even if I have a mid to high end PC that doesn't struggle with this game on max setting + Chrome + my work opened on it), but I would like to have my time investment rewarded, be it through, miraculously, actually finding all the items I had by the time the game crashed on me, or by simply scanning my teammate's reward list and picking whoever got the least amount of Steel Essence. We all had boosters and pretty much the same setups, you can probably check that too. I would, honestly, take even half of it, half of the lowest of just the Steel Essence and dump every other item I got, half of the at least 102 Steel Essences I know I had by that point, I don't care, just please don't tell me I wasted over 1h30 that I could've be doing something else for nothing, it would be so disheartening, after all the plat I invested to get a booster to even do this farm in the first place.

I'll be attaching this forum post and my EE.log file to a ticket. Thanks for the attention.

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