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Improvements for subsumable warframe abilities


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One of the reasons ppl like the H system is because you are able to improve warframe`s effectiveness, this system has shown the abilities that has been used the most and the least based on the stats that was shown on the devstream.

To me the sense thing to do is to buff the abilities that ppl are not using that often, some are big changes and some are small ones.


Here is what I would do the buff the subsumable abilities, to find a frame you`re look for click ctrl - F then type the name of the warframe.



1st ability


·       If an enemy is killed in one hit it is considered as a stealth kill.

·       Holding the ability will make both shurikens target the enemy you`re aiming at dealing double slash damage and adds critical damage based on what crit damage mods you have equipped on your melee weapon, also headshots will do more damage.

·       The held version works like the way Nezha`s 2nd ability does. Quick cast, straight path and more damage.

·       The held version will have increased flight speed.

·       The more health the enemy loses, the slower the enemy moves when bleeding out.

·       When the enemy stops bleeding, it will go back to its normal movement speed.

·       If you hit the same enemy that was affected before, it will go back to the same slow speed and will keep getting slower until it`s lifeless.

·       It has a 1 second combo window. The more you use the ability, the more damage it does, the less energy it takes.

·       The built-up damage multi from spamming it can affect the held version of shuriken.

·       The held version can pause the 1 sec combo duration drain indicator so that you have time to get the full damage out of it but the decreased energy won`t carry over to it.

·       Depending on the damage built up from the combo multiplayer will determine the increase of critical damage from the held version, if high enough it can reach red crits.



3rd ability


·       Enemies will notice you within a 10m of their vision.

·       Enemies will have a slower reaction time when noticing you (if you stand in front of them it will take them 3 seconds until they react to your presents)

·       If you hold the ability, you can control how far the ability reaches based on how much range it has.

·       Show the radius of the ability.

·       Put an indicator above enemies’ head to show how quickly they will be alerted by seeing you. (like stealth games)

·       If enemies are alerted, casting this ability will revert them back to being un-alerted however they will still be alerted if the alarms are on or if you are in their sights.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Remove muffled sound and instead increase the volume of the noises that enemies make, making her aware of enemies’ position (wearing headphones will increase the usefulness of this ability).



2nd ability


·       When using toxin, it will increase block angle to 90 degrees on melee weapons and Increases status chance on weapons by 30%. (remove current buff)



2nd ability


·       Have a small chance to proc slash.

(obviously the damage should increase)



Note: Me personally, I think this ability needs to be replaced with a better ability but I can`t think of a replacement atm, even so here are my improvements to the ability.

3rd ability


·       The mirrors will not shatter when enemies are shooting at it.

·       When enemies outside the mirror ring shoot at it, it will reflect damage back at them and have a 60% chance to stagger enemies.

·       Holding the ability will deactivate the ability which will explode and shoot out shards of broken mirrors at enemies dealing damage to them based on the damage absorbed.

·       You can cast up to a maximum of three.

·       The explosion will deal damage to enemies outside of it in a 12m radius which can be affected by duration mods.

·       Mirrors will not rotate.

·       The agro pull`s range is 15m

·       Enemies inside it are not affected by gara`s passive. (obviously of Gara)

·       Mirrors will explode until either you deactivate it (by holding it) or the duration is depleted.



2nd ability


·       Instead of a healing radius, make it a link that has a range of 15m which can be increased by range mods.

·       You can deactivate the ability without needing to aim at the affected enemy.

·       If three enemies are affected close together in a 10m radius with each other, it will increase the range by an extra 10m.

·       Enemies within 20m will have a 40% chance to run away in fear of the health syphoning target.



3rd ability

·All it needs is increase ability cast speed.



2nd ability


For him only

·       When stomping the ground, enemies within a 15m radius receive a knockdown.

·       He receives 100 health per enemy digested.

·       Holding the ability will digest all enemies in his gut.



2nd ability

·       Enemies will stagger when the wave goes out and back in to give it cc.



1st ability

·       Increase the charge time.

·       After cast, it will start instantly.



1st ability

·       Increase the damage per-second from 8 to 15.



1st ability

·       Make it more visible to see enemies affected by it with the chosen energy colour.



1at ability


·       After cast, it`s immune to damage for five seconds while absorbing damage however, the five seconds of immunity doesn’t start until it gets attacked. Depending on the damage stored it will be converted into health for more survivability.

·       Holding the ability will make the decoy mobile within a 10m radius which can be increased by range mods.

·       When shooting, enemies will be affected by an impact proc making them stagger.

·       While using mobile decoy mode, there is a 50% chance of it to proc blast damage knocking enemies down, if this happens, enemies within a 30m radius will prioritise the decoy as a dangerous threat increasing threat levels for seven seconds. (threat levels higher than interception and defence targets)

·       It will use whatever primary or secondary weapon Loki (other frame) is currently using.



3rd ability


·       You can cycle between either light or shadow buff.

·       As a bonus, if you stand in the light, she will receive fire damage on weapons and if you stand in the dark, you will receive 20% sprint speed.

·       Both of these lasts for 20 seconds and can be increased by duration mods.

·       You can switch buffs even when active however you can`t refresh the duration.



2nd ability


·       Enemies affected will start to move slower when the duration reduces overtime and will topple over while running, when there is 5 seconds left, they will stop completely (due to tiredness)

·       Within a 15m radius from Nekros, enemies will run away from him, the closes Nekros it to the enemy, the faster they run.

·       If the enemies affected are outside of the 15m radius they won`t run away anymore.

·       While active, enemies will topple and fall over when trying to run away from you.

·       Decrease energy cost to 50.

·       (Synergy) Casting the 1st ability on an enemy affected by this ability when killed will double the damage and spread fear to enemies in a 15m radius affecting 20% off max enemies affected.

·       Fix: In interception, enemies will still hack the terminal instead of running away.



1st ability


·       Increase damage to 500.

·       Instead of it inflicting slash damage it will proc impacted damage which will have a 100% stagger affect. If the particle hits the same enemy again it will knock them down.

·       The more enemies it hits the more the damage increases.

·       If you hold the ability it won`t seek out enemies but instead can be used for damage reduction however status procs will consume particles. Pressing the ability will revert it back to seeking out enemies.

·       Damage reduction will not disappear until all particles are gone.



Imo this ability should combine into her 3rd ability to give room for a new ability, also i`m adding a another concept to her, she also has ability of psychokinesis.

1st ability


Nyx sends out a telekinetic wave that levitates enemies in the air. Deactivating the ability will turn them in to a projectile shooting them across the room.

·       Enemies will be levitated for 15 seconds.

·       The wave range is 15m and is sent out as a cone.

·       Enemies affected and hit will receive a decreased damage output by 70% for 12 seconds.

·       You can aim the lifted enemies in the direction of where the radicle is.

·       The duration of enemy de-buff can be increased by duration mods.

·       It can be cast in the air.

·       Depending on the chosen energy colour, there will be an aura around the affected enemies.



3rd ability


·       If you hold the ability, it will attach itself to her back to where she can use it while on the move.

·       The duration of the time it takes to spawn pickups is 1 second instead to 2 seconds.

·       The extra drop chance drop time is decreased from 7 seconds down to 3 seconds.

·       You can cast a max of 3 out at a time.

·       Increase extra pick up chance to 50%.



Imo I think this ability needs to be replaced with a new one, this ability is best suited for a ghost warframe (wraith)


Revenant summons 8 vomvalyst to seek out and attack enemies.

·       The amount of Vomvalysts cannot be increased by duration mods

·       They will deal 1,000 damage and can be increased by strength mods.

·       They last up to 30 seconds and can be increased by duration mods.

·       When ability duration expires, they will make a last attempted to attack by charging at an enemy and exploding dealing 2,000 radiation damage in a 15m range. If there is no enemy around, they will just explode.

·       Explosion damage and radius cannot be increased by mods.

·       Only Revenant can kill Vomvalysts.

·       When enemies or Vomvalysts are killed, they will leave behind an energy pillar lasting 20 seconds where enemies walking near it will take damage and energy projectiles will seek out enemies damaging them.

·       Allies that stand on the energy pillar will receive 50 (over) shields. This will also include companions.

·       The colour of the Vomvalysts are determined by chosen energy colour.

·       (Synergy) if you cast while 2nd ability is active, the Vomvolysts will carry charges which allies can receive 2 charges by being near them.

·       Vomvalyst with charges will have a smoke effect on them.



1st ability


·       Increase ability radius from 5m to 10m.

·       Instead of them rag dolling, make them just hover in the air.

·       Enemies affected are vulnerable to damage.

·       Shooting enemies will have a 50% chance to drop health orbs. When picked up, it will send out a 15m wave of health regeneration giving her and allies 10 health a second for 5 seconds.



1st ability


·       This ability gives Trinity and allies armour instead of health.

·       This ability can affect multiple enemies.

·       Enemies affected will receive a damage output decrease by 20% and can be increased by strength mods.

·       Trinity and allies will have 7 seconds to shoot enemy to receive armour.

·       Within the timer, you can stack up armour, receiving 10 armour with each shot. For automatic guns, every 5 shots will give 10 armour.

·       Killing an enemy gives 50 armour and killing an enemy in one shot gives 500 armour.

·       Killing an enemy will spread the affect to nearby enemies within 15m, the range can be increased by duration mods.

·       The duration of allies keeping the bonus armour is the same as the duration of the ability.



2nd ability


·       Can be used while on the move.

·       This will show a visible ring to show the range of the ability.

·       This will be a mobile ability instead of the effect being stationary.



1st abilty


Since there is no reason to cast one nervo instead of four since having four is better, I’m going to change the way it performs.

·       When casting one, it won`t seek out enemies and will work as a trap.

·       It has 100% stun proc on a normal cast.

·       Make it shock four enemies.

·       The radius of stuns affecting enemies is adds and extra 3m.

·       The shock intervals are 0.5 seconds.

·       The amount of shocks is doubled.

·       It is able to disable traps and hazardous doors.


General change;

·       Reduce volume the sounds they make.



1st ability


·       When activated, make the affect look like something related to the void instead of it looking infested like Nidus` 3rd ability on (it seems very lazy visual design to me)

·       Increase the casting speed.

Void add-ons:

·       It will increase the crit damage on weapons by 0.1, at 10 procs it will increase up to 1.0.

·       It will increase the status duration on weapons by 1 sec, 10 procs will increase it to 10 secs.


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