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Subforum for Suggestions and more tags for topics.


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It bugs me that there are ~2k pages of various topics in each subforum (over 3k pages in General) of the Feedback category. I believe that Suggestions subforums for each category of Feedback sub could help categorise things in right order.

Also, there should be more tags available so before someone tries to submit their topic it may suggest the similar ones.

Why all that? First and foremost I explained it above. Other pros:

  • Feedback is not always equal to a Suggestion. Examples:
    • Protea's 2nd ability is weak compared to other warframes - Feedback, yet should be posted in the Megathread instead of new topic.
    • Protes's Rework Idea - Suggestion
  • There are numerous topics regarding the same thing.
  • A bot can merge similar topics.
  • Overall tidiness and generally better navigation.
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