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Lich Rework: Content Island and Micro-Scale Begone


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The TL;DR notes

  • Removed murmur farming
  • Less and more streamlined RNG
  • Removed the short term parazon micromanaging
  • The lich system is no longer a content island
  • Player action can choose how hard and long lasting a lich is



  • Spawning a larvaling still works the same, but upon downing them a weapon will no longer show above their heads. Instead, a gear wheel style menu will pop up when you parazon them, allowing you to choose (influence) what element they are imbued with.
    • The percentage of bonus damage is still random.
    • The first weapon is random too. Or better yet, have the larvaling wield the weapon they’ll spawn with.

Requiem Mods

  • The requiem mod farm is fine. But now a puzzle based on their name (or something new) is used to find the combo you need to down your lich. And you can solve this the instant you spawn a lich.
    • Completely removing the murmur farm.
    • If you attempt to parazon a lich with the wrong combo or with no requiem mods, the lich will kill you, but they won’t level up.

The Hunt

  • Instead Iiches are now random encounters like the Stalker or Wolf.
    • They are now unable to damage or interact with objectives. And they are unable to proc radiation on the tenno faction.
    • You are always deathmarked when you have a lich. And their anger (likelihood to spawn) will increase overtime, until they are “banished” (more on that soon). You can increase this even faster by killing members of their faction (grineer), with larger increases based on the level of the enemy.
      • This lets those that enjoyed murmur farming still do it to actively provoke their lich.
    • You and your squad can down a lich, and they will no longer revive themselves after a period of time. Instead they will simply run away (despawn) after 30 seconds like a larvaling, and won’t level up. This is to prevent a player from grieving their squad even if unintentionally.
    • You can pay kuva (10k?) to coerce your lich to fight you. This can either be a buildable beacon gear item, a random mission, a “new” arena node using Kuva Fortress assets, etc…
      • Incase you want to speed farm your lich, or if they happened to steal your devstream alert glyph you really wanted.

Rework of Vanquish

  • Change vanquish into banish; Convert remains the same. Banishing a lich will cause them to drop their equipped weapon, ephemera, a random requiem relic, and everything they’ve stolen.
    • You are then prompted with a gear wheel style menu to choose (influence) the kuva weapon they will try to kill you with next. Maybe even a cut scene were stabbing the kuva with your parazon flips a switch in the lich’s head.
    • When you banish a lich, they will change their name to cause you to have find their new requiem mod combo.
    • This levels up the lich and they start to stalk you again with the new weapon.
      • The lich can level up as many times as you want, and the scaling might have to be adjusted for this.
      • For every level a lich has, they get influence over a region (e.g. Europa), up until they have an influence over all regions.
      • The higher level the lich, the more likely their weapon will spawn with a high bonus damage percentage.
      • And the higher level the lich, the more kuva they drop for the squad when they are banished or converted. Incentivizing your teammates to help you. The kuva reward should scale at a slight exponential rate.

New Systems

  • There are 3 new interactions within the lich system.
    • You can now exile (get rid of) a lich at Palladino’s for any reason. But the main purpose is incase you create a level 34 lich and can’t kill it, and even you and your friends can’t kill it. This let’s you take on a challenge without overwhelming risk.
    • You can deactivate converted liches in your codex, to prevent them from showing up in missions to help you.
    • When you banish a lich, create a new one, or when you have no requiem mods equipped, the lich tab in the start menu/navigation will blink to show you need to re-mod your parazon. Even if you don’t change anything, the tab will stop blinking once you view your parazon to prevent it from being annoying.

And this will open up the possibility to integrate liches into Railjack very easily, an any other implementations. This is just to lay the groud work to make liches more enjoyable, and to make it easier to expand them to more parts of the game.

Parazon Mercy Kills

As an aside, move the parazon finisher to just being a held version of the current X to melee finisher a vulnerable enemy. As the related mods will almost never be used now that thralls are gone. Have it’s damage scale off your equipped melee, or just simply let us have Covert Lethality back for its limited uses. If needed, balance it by making it unable to proc stuff like Arcane Trickery, Inaros’ passive, etc…

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