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Algor mortis, the Chrono-Flair gun from the future


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Weapon Mechanics and description: what was once a tool for recue operations is now an instrument of death, this used to be flair gun presumably from a time yet to come, it fires super heated arcing slugs with weight and velocity in them, that bounce around everywhere causing an explosion on every impact. while reloading, the projectile rewind it's trajectory back to the chamber, doing exactly what it did before but in reverse, instead of an explosion it causes an implosion of cryo blasts

Pictures for imagination: Pin on Crafting



What makes this gun concept unique? :  well it sounds like it's trying to be the trumna's alternate fire mode on steroids, and while it kinda is, it's very different

i took what i love the most about the trumna, and what i love the most about Protea and combined them into this weapon.

the weapon projectiles rewind back in time when they were into the chamber, just like protea, every path they took they will take again in reverse, every explosion they made they will do it again but an implosion that instead of heating enemies, it causes hypothermia 

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