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Fortuna still broken, crashes 50% of the time

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I know this has been a topic for years. And its really starting to make me angry, why is this kind of thing not being addressed. 

Several posts I see blame the user... cetus and many other areas work fine for me. Cache is cleared semi regularly and its disgusting. Why not fix areas like this especially when more people are going to do it to get the likes of hildryn for helminth. 

Could mention a similar albeit slightly better state of deimos but its new so... but the frustration you feel getting to the end of the 3rd vault only to crash... 

I just wish they could give a pass over these areas rather than less important bugs/exploits. 


That being said is there any tips to limit crashing ? I try to not go on arsenal or anything before heading out as this is almost guaranteed crash for me. 

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Fortuna really is just busted at the moment. The game crashing is very frustrating, you have to get in and out quick for resources. I've had a multi hour toroid farm crash, Exploiter orb crashing mid fight, missions failing right out the gate, getting stuck under the map. Who knows what else is lying in wait to kick me in the pants, I don't want to even mess with anything else. Conservation might send me into a black hole, taking over a base might turn the map upside down, using a k drive might delete my account off the servers and nuke them from orbit via a military satellite. /hyperbole

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Orb Vallis just continues to be a miserable experience on console and DE will continue to remain silent on the issue as they have for years.

The only thing I think helps in terms of limiting crashes is to force quit and relaunch Warframe before going to Orb Vallis. I've only crashed once after doing that and it was during profit taker. Don't bother sending a support ticket either if you lose hours of progress, you'll get some automated message first and then be told they can't refund anything unless the mission was time limited. About as useful as a screen door on a submarine, just wasting even more of your time.

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As you said it seems they are completely silent on the issue. To a point where it is actually insulting to expect support from players when they ignore issues so in the face as this. 

I have to congratulate myself on getting as far as I have without rage uninstalling tbf but now I'm on gyromags and I'm at a point I'm wondering if its worth playing, I enjoy the game though and they certainly won't be seeing another penny from me until i see some kind of redeeming quality

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