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Melee Event Weapn Question


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Either gun, but only one melee because they've been special'd, or whatever.


TIER THREE - Complete 100 missions, with the reward determined by two factors: the victorious side AND if you supported them (you did more missions for them, than against them).

  • IF the Corpus win:
    • And you supported them: The ferocious DETRON hand-cannon. The Detron will be super-charged along with a new weapon slot!
    • You did not support them: A DETRON blueprint, reverse-engineered by the Lotus.
  • IF the Grineer win:
  • And you supported them: The semi-automatic BRAKK hand-cannon. It comes super-charged and with a weapon slot included!
  • You did not support them: A BRAKK blueprint stolen from a Grineer datacenter.
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So... the Concussion Rifle from Halo vs a Forerunner hand cannon... wait... wrong game...


Honestly, I think with Grineers having the better rewards, machete wraith is a matter of time. Prova Vandal sounds utterly demeaning to all those players that already wasted a forma for Prova. Also, completely makes Clan Tech fair game now for Vandal and Wraiths, which is a huge problem in it of itself.

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