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What was your most loyal first time equipment?

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Hmm, when I started playing, I was runhing solo most of the time to explore the tilesets without rush, so Rhino quickly became my goto frame (nowadays I only use him for the occasional Index run...). Regarding weapons I ran with my beloved Sobek, a Thysis for armor stripping, a Tonbo (polearms for the win, where's the Prime?) and Carrier. Now I just passed 6000h in the game, but Sobek is still my most used Primery (although I havn't used it in ages), whereas Catchmoon and Plague Kripath replaced the other two (funny enough, those two don't see any use nowadays as well anymore).

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18 hours ago, (XB1)BRUHck Obama said:

I just want to know how people did on their star chart the initial one or maybe you can include something that you found love for thanks to steel path, which frames you picked up and helped you a lot while playing, also which weapons did you use, have you also used a companion, and other stuff like that.

I ran around with Rhino Prime for the longest time, as it was a gift from friends, and completed the star chart with it. Also was a huge fan of Serro until swapping to Orthos Prime.


Ignis Wraith is still the go-to for general ranged pew pew AoE :P

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First thing I realized starting out was energy doesn't reload.

So all I focused on was finding ways to regen energy. Grinded out the wrong focus school ability because it said energy regen (for the operator). Then I turned to getting trinity since she could regen. But obviously couldn't keep playing just the one frame.

Finally I landed on the rakata dark dagger that restores energy on the syndicate mod proc.

It wasn't up until I recently I fully forma'd a build or went all out with a weapon or a warframe. Just exclusively put my efforts into rebuilding energy, with the idea that the ability spam is the core fun of the game. More energy, more fun.

Recently I came to realize the same dark can give you overshields based on radiation status proc. Then I added lifesteal and also put primed fury on there.

It wasn't until like a week ago I realized if I can swing the weapon faster I might cross the threshold of landing the hit before the npc and so avoid getting hit. Never occured to me, lol.

So between all that I am sure my dps is terrible but I get overshields, heal myself and restore power when I am fighting. Then once I score a few hits and my shields are up I can actually hang back and let the dagger proc off affinity kills and restore power passively aslong as I am just holding it.

I have played around with different weapons and frames but the rakata dagger is the only item I keep coming back to since it restores power.

I have built some semi real builds, like nekros for farming and a speed nova but I don't know if I even played half the frames yet. I look at a lot of weapons or items and is just too expensive. Like building some dojo weapon costing me 2 forma for a throw away level weapon lol.

Or building up a new frame you have to re-level 4 times, orokin reactor and so on.

So I will say I am taking it slow and not too seriously although during actual combat I do play hard even if my mods, numbers and build aren't worth writing home about, I do love a good fight.

Playing through the star chart as a noob, I mainly wall-glitched the junction bosses with the free giveaway vectis they had back then lol. I don't know the terminology for it but in most games there is a spot by walls where you can hit the npc from cover. And in warframe it's overly easy because the reticle will light up red when you can hit.

You can actually break the whole game, standing behind a wall and then chain attack an entire room with ignis or amprex without ever taking a single hit. Especially doing it at the right angle you only potentially expose yourself to the target npc with the others too far into the room to matter.

And then I got carried a lot. Which is still true to this day. Is always some guy showing up doing 80% of the damage you feel like you leeching.

I recently started playing volt prime a lot since he can speed up the grind and use his shocking augment. Then I added warcry to him as well stunning and cutting everything to pieces with the good old dagger.

Very surprised by the usefulness of the overshields effect of the dagger, after I passed 100% status chance I get constant overshields assuming they survive the first hit.

Also finally got around to grinding out the zenurik abilities that actually restore power, energizing dash and energy pulse. I did read about the arcane energize but the percentage versus the cost of plat is ridiculous. As much as power restoration is everything to me I'd rather play the rest of my days with weapons only or something if it came to that.

I guess the lesson of warframe is everything is task specific. One frame or type of ability for defense maps, specific locations for specific materials so outside my beloved power, heal, shields regen dagger I am not really attached to anything. Use whatever frame is need in whatever situation.

I do love some of the women frames especially the ones where their design looks like they are wearing a collar or a fur by the neck like saryn or titania empress skin.

Really hate the clay, pointy garbled frames like the rings on nekro's legs.

Genereally with their designs is too much inconsistant junk piled together, 4 triangles in different sizes in 9 colors inside a reversed octagon with spikes. Everytime I look over the capes section, I always ask why can't we just have 1 cape, just 1, that is plain and symmetrical with no bs.

I'd like to have just a normal scarf or necklace or maybe a traditional samurai sword holster, basic one color without 11 patterns and 53 extra clay shapes on it.

I have plat I want to spend but I really just don't like most of the design choices.

Combat is slick though. I love the parkour element and the speed of the game. Controls feel responsive combined with good sound effects is a good feeling when you nail someone with a shot or slice with a melee weapon, so I guess that's what I am really loyal towards. Loyal towards the combat mechanics and earning plat (that I have nothing to spend on).

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I dont remember much of my first weapons and frames since it was around the release of the game but one weapon I used a lot couple years back was sonicor. That thing was pretty good damage in an area, but in addition it ragdolled everything. So even when the enemies got too tough to kill, the weapon remained extremely useful for CC with the ragdoll effect. I used it everywhere. 

I still have the wep but I dont use it anymore, switched to other more powerful ones but I do miss sending the enemy in orbit with it. 

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IIRC, I used Frost plus Braton for quests and starchart, which were replaced with the prime versions as soon as I was able to do that. Secondary was almost exclusively Atomos, and melee was Nikana, Dragon Nikana, and Nikana Prime. I don't use Frost much but all the weapons are used regularly on a daily basis.

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Ether Sword and Carrier Prime. 

I scored Carrier Prime off someone in the bazaar right after it vaulted for 40p when I was still new.  I tend to use a lot of low ammo efficiency weapons and I have an itchy trigger finger with a firm belief in scorched earth tactics, so Carrier has been worth its weight in plat.  

The ether sword was a noob purchase.  I had a coupon (console coupons are single use for non-tennogen market items.) and plat and no sense or experience to know how easy the ether sword is to build, so I bought it.  Thing is, even back before the melee rework, the Ether Sword wasn't a terrible choice for the starchart.  Its auto-rad proc on slam attack made it really useful, especially against Infested Ancients.  I'm 2k hours in now and the melee rework has come through.  With a solid CO build and my riven it has very high damage and nearly 8m of range with good attack speed and guaranteed status every hit.  It's seen use through every game-mode including the Steel Path and has yet to let me down.

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Started with Excal, moved to Valk like midway through the star chart.  I think I finished it with Nezha though.   First weapons I thought of myself as investing into and specializing in were  Broken War, Latron Prime, and Spira because I put two forma in them. 😜   A little later on I got into Orthos Prime, Miter, Sonicor, and Cassowar.  Still like those weapons a lot, but the only one I still spend a lot of time with is the Sonicor.

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I was lucky enough to be in a squad with a guy that killed the stalker early in my time playing and got a Hate blueprint.  This being the long-ago "just a few months out of closed-beta" days, hate was (unless I'm misremembering) the highest damage melee weapon in the game.  regardless of whether or not I'm remembering that right, it was definitely a significant upgrade from the Cronus I had been using up until then, and I got a lot of use out of it until it was eventually replaced by the Duel Ether, which at the time ignored armor.

In terms of primaries, the Snipetron Vandal served me well for quite some time.  As an event reward, it was the first weapon I got with a potato which left it significantly more effective than any other weapon I had access to at the time, in fact I'm not sure I really changed away from it until I got the Strun Wraith, which was the next weapon to be given as an event reward, and became my go-to for so long it's still my most-used primary on my profile despite not have used it heavily in years.

Didn't use secondary weapons too heavily for a while until I got the Afuris (at the same time as the dual ether mentioned above), which became my go-to weapon for a very long time until I got the Dex Furis, which I used for a while (like the Strun Wraith, it's stull supposedly my "most used" secondary despite not having seen consistent use for years), until I just had so much stuff it wasn't worth being worried about resource costs anymore and I started making more weapons and acquiring more potatoes.

As for Warframes, I guess it would have to be Excalibur, but that's really only because I've had him so long and, like with a few weapons I've mentioned, him being the first 'Frame I had potatoed left him standing well above the other options.  Next probably would've been Nova who, as the first 'Frame I ever bought with plat, was also potatoed among the sea of unpotatoed alternatives.

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